Charlie  ( Burgers & Ribs )

Killa Burger Grill Franchisee

“Its so easy to use and integrates seamlessly throughout the organisation.  From the point a customer orders , as it goes through to specific SMART kitchen screens all the way to the General Ledger. This minimises my time spent on accounting work and easier to reconcile without making a mistake. The Hungry Data system also allows me to incorporate and track our promotional offers, making it user-friendly especially with different shifts and staff changeover. “

William  ( Rolls ) 

Rolls @ 996

“Its awesome especially when I travel – which is alot! I can access and monitor all my business activities while I’m on the go. I can login with my phone and see reports and exact transactions live. This helps me take control and gives me peace of mind. Thanks to Hungry Data team I dont have to go back and forth to the store, I can spend a little more time at home!”

Helen  ( Pizza Restaurant )

Cristina’s Pizzeria Dural and Thornleigh

“I have two stores, in the past nothing can prove more embarrassing than having a customer question why one item has one price at one store, yet a different price at another. Hungry Data POS system ensures pricing consistency – so no longer do I have that happen. It also helps with inventory tracking to stock in between both stores. The Hungry Data team have been a great support, I can focus on customers and staff, rather than being bogged down with the system.