Hungry Data POS Solutions

Our Services are offered to all the Food and Hospitality Industry. We focus and specialise in the food field as a result of our own experience. Many years ago we found that most establishments lacked in a system that worked harmoniously from the point of ordering to the point of payment and thereafter.

Some of our technical specialists themselves experienced this first hand working behind the scenes.

That is when we began to devise methods to assist the flow from front counter to back office. The strategies adapted showed a huge improvement in time and efficiency. From when the order was taken, to when the food was delivered to when payment was made. This is where the Point Of Sale system has to be flexible to adhere to your business and its needs.

We then started to discover the need for the business owner to record all transactions, track their stock and report any discrepancies without all the frustration of being weighed down. Hence our Back Office suite solution.

We created a system for the Back Office that streamlined the process to ensure nothing was missed, from re-ordering stock to reconciling takings.

Our method and strategy was to ensure it was simple to use for those that needed to concentrate more on their service and product they were selling.

We also made it to accommodate to someone who was always on the go – so we needed to ensure that the business owner could access all their information from the touch of a button that sits in the palm of their hand – anytime, anywhere.

Our POS and Back Office system proved an advantage to many food establishments; by improving their process flow from initial customer contact to payment to reconciling accounts. Not only did their process improve by way of workflow, but they seemed to improve in customer satisfaction, staff turnover and profit margins. It freed up alot more time for the business owner.

So being Food POS Specialists, we not only are technical experts in the field but also specialise and have a vast knowledge in the food industry itself.


Our Point Of Sale system is easy to use with many advantages that sets us above our competitors. The greatest advantage is the freedom it provides for your personnel to devote their energy to what genuinely matters the most:- helping customers. Rather than the inefficiency of an old fashioned cash register; our POS system means that your staff no longer have to be counting, calculating, ordering, and checking cash-register accuracy.

Let our system do it for you with less margin of error. The innovative design also has special features that can be used as an upselling tool, to coerce even the most forgetful of cashiers. The entire ordering process becomes fast and efficient. The ease of use and configurable buttons enables even the most illiterate of computer users to breeze through while using. As a business owner the register layout is completely configurable. So you may customise it to the way you prefer or follow our intuitive layout which has been tried and tested to support the busiest of stores.

Don’t accommodate to your Point of Sale system, let your POS system accommodate to your business. As Food POS Specialists, If something doesn’t suit your needs or structure we can change it to suit the way you want it. Best of all our POS system allows you to have a level of control even when your not there. Nothing can be hidden and everything can be tracked. From automatic inventory stock level counting to the cash sitting in your register tills – you can access all this information automatically.


We structured our system to be simple but meet all business needs

Our Back Office Suite is a tool that is used for all the financial aspects of your business. Eliminating most of your accountant’s duties our system automates most of the process.Which means you will minimise your accounting expense as it is all automated for you. The Back Office suite becomes the business backbone in the way your business financials run. Its smooth automated, efficient solution makes it  easy to view the way your business is operating all day, all night, anywhere, anytime online.

Replacing your current system will ensure that most of your transactional information will be recorded automatically, therefore minimising human interaction or time wasting data entry.  It is also easy to spot any discrepancies with missing stock or theft related incidents.

Our Back Office suite provides all the tools necessary to run your business from Accounting transactional reporting, Payables, Receivables to Inventory stocktaking and restocking.  It also includes a solution to deal with Human Resourcing function such as time-sheeting and rostering. This all in one module even enables you to report everything back to your accountant; simply generating information by the press of a button.


Want to make food deliveries easier or takeaway orders more suitable for this generation?

Our Online Order system makes it easy for customers to make online orders for preorder, pick up or for delivery!

Competing with the likes of the big pizza names. These places throw endless amounts of funds to support their own IT teams, systems and departments for their online ordering systems. You can now be a real competitor at a fraction of the cost and still feel there is a team supporting you with Hungry Data. Our online system allows the ordering process to happen all online, so that while you are busy in the kitchen or overseeing operations, our system is taking orders for your business through the virtual world. It eliminates added expense of staffing, and provides a seamless process of capturing order to kitchen, ready for pre-order, pick up or delivery in a timely manner.

SMART Kitchen

Taking an order and lining them up on the bench? There are too many variations for error – from human error, timing to order positioning. Our SMART tool helps you focus on the utter most important key factor in your business – The Customer. This feature allows the ordering process to be automated with minimising error and increasing time efficiency. By simply pressing pre-defined product buttons, the person taking the order to submit to the kitchen without moving. The kitchen is notified of the order automatically and positioned by time. So that each and every order can be seen in the kitchen and allows them to work simultaneously, preparing food on all orders.

The advantages are endless with SMART kitchen, benefitting customer wait times, streamlining order capturing to kitchen preparation.