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  so you can FOCUS on the FOOD

Hungry Data is Point-Of-Sale,Kitchen Workflow, Inventory, Ordering, Customer and Employee management software solution. It has been specifically designed for the retail Food industry. The Order to Cash process that suits all types of eateries, restaurants, cafes, take-away outlets, food courts.
As Food POS Specialists we assist all the food industry from Pizza, Burgers, Chicken, Asian, QSRs, Cafe, or Casual/Fine Dining restaurants.
Our POS allows you to focus on making fine food rather than worrying about your system. The ease of use will keep your customers satisfied and your business running smoothly and securely. The use of our POS system will decrease service times and increase efficiency of food orders.

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Specifically Designed and Written for the Food Industry

Hungry Data was written specifically for the Food & Hospitality industry .

This is why Pizza shops / Burger chains and all fast food driven stores and restaurants love all the features Hungry Data delivers.
All features are customised to suit the food industry.

All the functionality needed to run a Master Food Franchise at the lowest prices around. Everything from Online Ordering to Cost of Good Analysis.

See our POS Features page for more details.

Use your Current hardware or Upgrade

Hungry Data is designed to run on most existing machines. So all you need is a web browser.

The advantages of running off a web browser is you can access it anywhere and anytime securely!
Its mobility allows you to access your system via PC, mobile or any electronics that can access web browser.

To run Hungry data your Hardware can be existing, upgraded or new.
From Touch screen to cash register – With Hungry Data you have more options with hardware, which means you will never be locked into POS Hardware
contracts. You will be able to take advantage of cheap Hardware prices.

As Food POS Specialists we can access or refer you to many hardware suppliers.
If you don’t have hardware we can arrange it for you, or recommend you to many reputable hardware suppliers .

Meet Our Support Team

Our Hungry Data Support team specialise not only in POS system
but also have a vast knowledge in the Food and Hospitality industry.

So you will be dealing with not just Technical support but someone who understands your business.

As Food POS Specialists our team not only understand the system 100% but are also customer service driven.

We will support you and identify with your unique needs and place best systems and process in place to meet your standards.

With this experience, we can also suggest better process methods to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Hospitality Industry Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, see how all our happy customers are using the hungry data solution. Pizza shops, Burger shops, Cafes, Restaurants, charcoal chicken and even Vietnamese Pork Roll shops.

Use all or part of our FOOD industry solution.

It's so easy to use and integrates seamlessly.
Killa Burger Grill
It helps our staff to be more efficient with faster service.
El Jannah
I can access and monitor all my business activities while I'm just on the go.
Rolls @ 996

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Everything From Drive-thru functionality to Sushi Plate tallying all the way to Skimming Tills.